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So yesterday I travelled 21 hours to get home, woo. But as I got to the Edinburgh Waverley station I had a panic attack because I forgot how big the train station was and I couldn’t find my way and nobody would help me. I found the right platform and by this time it was really hard to breathe and I was almost crying when a lovely Australian backpacker stopped and commented on my t-shirt (pierce the veil skull shirt) he was wearing a sleeping with sirens feel t-shirt and I have never felt so happy to meet a stranger. He sat next to me and we talked about pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens and why we were at the train station. We even sat next to each other on the train and when we arrived at our destination we got off and said bye, but I never got to thank him for being so kind and helping me on my way, so If you ever see this your new panicked friend says thank you! And for pierce the veil yet again making me feel better c:

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